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Earth - Earth and moon viewer
"Introduction to biology in 20 pages"
Online Biology Book | Kimball's Biology Pages | MIT's OpenCourseWare

Learn about Genetics at Scitable from Nature Education
Dolan DNA Learning Center (DNALC)
DNA From the Beginning | Blazing a genetic trail | Cracking the code of life
Primer on Molecular Genetics (Department of Energy) | Tutorials in Molecular Genetics at UCLA
Home made genetics animations - DNA tutorials
Biological movies | Generam Medicine Subject Guide - Images and Multimedia
Animations, Movies & Interactive Tutorial Links at North Harris College:
    Biology (www sites) - Animal kingdom links
    Microbiology links
NIH VideoCasting: special National Institutes of Health events, seminars, and lectures available from the web
NOVA | Watch NOVA Programs Online | PBS - NOVA Online | Cracking the Code of Life - CNR cinema (Ita)
Inside Cancer
Genomics and disease prevention (at CDC)
    Birgid Schlindwein's Hypermedia Glossary Of Genetic Terms |
    A Genetic Glossary | Genetics Gmossary: Human Genome Project | Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms
    Genomics glossaries and taxonomies
    Glossario delle Biotecnologie (Ita)
Historical Papers in Classical Genetics
Scientist Profiles
Profiles in Science (NLM) - archival collections of leaders in biomedical research and public health
Biology 201 - by R. Richardson, Bellevue Community College
PLSC 431/631 - Intermediate Genetics
Genetics - University College London
Corso di Genetica Molecolare (Ita) (Torino)
DNA structure
Base Pairing in DNA: The Watson-Crick Model
A Structure for DNA (Nature April 2, 1953)
Examination of DNA Structure using Molecular Models (useful links)
DNA Structure - Contents - An Interactive Animated Nonlinear Tutorial by Eric Martz
NDB Atlas of Nucleic Acid Containing Structures
DNA: divulgative sites
The LionBook: an hypertext about Biology and Genetics
Nucleic Acids (from the MIT "Biology Hypertextbook")
Physiology or Medicine 1962 | Biography of James Dewey Watson
Reader's Guide to The Double Helix (comments about the book from J.D. Watson)
DNA: 1953-2003 anniversary
Double helix: 50 yers of DNA - Nature special
Who said 'helix'? - Nature, Aug 21, 2003
Was Watson and Crick's model truly self-evident? - Nature, Feb 12, 2004

Genetic code
The invention of Genetic code

Gene structure
Beta-globin at Unigene - GenBank; Human gene for beta-globin - human beta globin mRNA
Why do genes have introns? (Duret L, 2001)

Replication at bioweb.uwlax.edu
DNA downloads alone - The information in DNA can be copied into new molecules without proteins' help (5 feb 2002)

Transcription - animation ("Life cycle of an mRNA", from Lodish et al., Molecular Cell Biology, 1999)
Transcription of eukaryotic protein-coding genes (Lee and Young, 2000)
Enhanceosomes - (Merika and Thanos, 2001)
Regulatory context is a crucial part of gene function (Fessele et al., 2002)
Antisense transcripts in the human genome (Lehner et al., 2002)
A coactivator code for transcription (Gamble and Freedman, 2002)

Gene networks
Gene Regulation Networks - a Finite State Linear Model
Canalization: a general feature of regulatory gene networks - Nature, Sep 8, 2003

Overlapping genes
Computational discovery of sense-antisense transcription in the human and mouse genomes - Genome biol 2002 - Data


Splicing regulation as a potential genetic modifier (Nissim-Rafinia and Kerem, 2002)
Alternative splicing at Exonhit.com

mRNA localization
Insights into mRNA transport in neurons (Roegiers, 2003)

mRNA Nonsense /nonstop-mediated decay
No End to Nonsense (Moore, 2002)

small RNAs

Translation at bioweb.uwlax.edu
Translation animation

Molecular Models for Biochemistry at CMU
Chime Resources at UMass

Interspersed repetitive sequences
SINEs as a Genomic Scrap Yard: An Essay on Genomic Evolution (by W. Makalowski)
A Ruff Theory of Evolution: Gene Stutters Drive Dog Shape

Chromosome structure (Figures) - at Western Kentucky University, Course Biology 220, Dr. Claire Rinehart
Chromosome packing
Tokyo Medical University Genetics Home Page
General Cytogenetics Information
Web-based cytogenetic resources

Mitosis video
Mitotic chromosomes are chromatin networks without a mechanically contiguous protein scaffold - Poirier and Marko, PNAS 2002

Meiotic chromosomes (Review)
Meioris video

Fertility supplement from Nature
Infertility specialists counsel caution over frozen eggs - Nature, Oct 21, 2004

Inheritance pattern

Sex determination / evolution
Molecular Genetics of Sex Determination (Cotinot et al., 2002) (requires free registration at Medscape)
Sry and sex determination: how la{y can it be?
Evolution of Sex - Articles from the Nature Publishing Group
The Y chromosome - Nature special
Sequence of human chromosome X - Nature Focus on the human genome
Sex determination and sex chromosomes

X-linked inheritance
X-Inactivation Mosaicism Demonstration

Genetic Linkage - Overhe`d 6 - Overhead 13
CEPH genotype database

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)
MITOMAP - a human mitochondrial genome database--2004 update (Brandon et al., 2005)
AMPDB - the Arabidopsis Mitochondrial Protein Database (Heazlewood and Millar, 2005)
Mitochondria Interest Group Sessions - Conferences by NIH VideoCasting

Epigenetics and Genomic imprinting
DNA methylation collection - Reviews and Perspectives articles from Nature Reviews Cancer and Nature Reviews Genetics
Genomic Imprinting - by C. Martin
Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome demonstrates a role for epigenetic control of normal development (Weksberg et al., 2003)

HGVS - Human Genome Variation Society
The 'HapMap' project - A new effort to map human genetic variation - Relaxed rules  path to genomic data on disease
'Race' and the human genome - Nature Genetics Archive
Animations of Chromosomal Structural Abnormalities
Reverse mosaicism

Genetics and environment
Behavior: The Farm-Fox experiment, Trut, 1999
Behavioural Genetics Interactive Modules
The discovery of susceptibility genes for mental disorders

Recombinant DNA
Cloning Gene

Genomes and Evolution
Current Opinion in Genetics & Development, Vol. 10, No. 6, December 2000
Human evolution: Out of Ethiopia
Evolutionary biology: Genes to make new species

Genetics and Genomics: comments
Genomica.net (Ita)
Celera: financial optimism, scientific skepticism (password required)
TESTIMONY OF VENTER before the Subcommittee on Energy and Environment, U.S, June 17, 1998
la Repubblica/cultura_scienze: 'Impariamo il linguaggio usato da Dio nel creare la vita'
la Repubblica/cultura_scienze: La mappa della vita dentro un microchip
la Repubblica/cultura_scienze: 'Ma l'annuncio della Celera lascia ancora troppi dubbi'
DNA: It's war (The Guardian, May 6, 2000)
Blueprint of the body (CNN special)
The Human Genome, by All of the Top Cartoonis
An open letter to the bioinformatics community - Feb 8, 2001 - By S. Eddy and E. Birney
Che cosa resta da scoprire (Ita) - June 25, 2001
Ayala: un'etica per l'evoluzione (Ita) - September 26, 2001
Chimpanzee genome - Nature, Aug 29, 2002
Venter's Next Goal: 1000 Human Genomes
Functional genomics: RNA sets the standard
Reproductive cloning: an attack on human dignity - Nature, Jul 3, 2003
The perils of anthropomorphism - by Clive D. L. Wynne - Nature, April 8, 2004
Nature Insight - Human genomics and medicine
Genetics: Deaf by design - Nature, Oct 21, 2004
'Practical autonomy' entitles some animals to rights (just another attempt to confuse humans and animals)

Genetic determinism
Genetic determinism by R. Strohman

Population Genetics

OMIM ENTRY 145600 (Malignant Hyperthermia)
Use genomic data to avoid prescribing drugs (Nature, Oct 23, 2003)
Pharmacogenomics: FDA Puts the Brakes on Roche's Gene Array Test (Science, Nov 14, 2003)

Pathology - Genetic Testing
OMIM - Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
List of Human Diseases databases - at HGMP
Orphanet - rare diseases
Birth defects (in U.S.)
Genetics and rare conditions site
GeneClinics - informations about genetic diseases and tests
Telethon - Informagene (in Italian)
AIMaC - Mi ammaler˛? Test genetici

Biology/Genetics of cancer
Tumour suppression: Putting on the brakes - Nature, 2004

Links / Institutions
European Society of Human Genetics - Genetics Societies Home Page
Associazione Italiana di Biologia e Genetica (AIGB)
Ipergen - Il Progetto Post-Genoma Umano italiano (Ita)
10th International Congress of Human Genetics - Vienna, May 15-19, 2001
European School of Genetic Medicine
The Alliance of Genetic Support Groups
Scuola Europea di Medicina Molecolare (SEMM) (Ita)

Genetics (Harvard)
IRO - Medical and Molecular Genetics Centre (Madrid)
Human Genetics (Leiden)
Laboratorio di Genetica Medica (Bologna)
Istituto Gregorio Mendel (Roma)
H.Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute (Tampa, FL) - Online Tour of the Tampa Campus / Map


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